All tickets are a 50% deposit purchased for the date above and CANNOT be used on any other trip other than the date purchased for.Balance is due on day of the trip before departure.

If the trip is canceled due to bad weather, lack of passengers, or any unforeseen circumstances, you will be offered a FULL refund or a reschedule of your choice. CAPTAIN is the only one that can cancel a trip. It is highly recommended that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to sailing to allow time for traffic, parking, etc.

Think of it as if you purchased a ticket for your favorite sporting event : USE IT OR LOSE IT!!!!!!! If you do not show up or miss the boat, there is NO REFUND or RESCHEDULE AND WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL FARE(THE BALANCE DO ONBOARD). PLEASE PRINT OR HAVE AVAILABLE A COPY OF YOUR RECEIPT TO SHOW PRIOR TO BOARDING