fish specialists

We target specific fish with surgical precision. We don’t just drop anchor and hope for the best.

Fishing Reports

Fishing report

Recent fishing reports and updates from the captain himself.


Booking a trip and making a Reservation is easy!

Book ahead and have peace of mind that you have a spot.

Nothing worst than running down to the boat late and the boat is already sold out, or have to be on the dock 2-3 hours earlier to grab a spot. By booking a ticket ahead of time you just have to show up 45 minutes before the boat departs. This gives you time to grab a sandwich and coffee and visit the bait shop if need be.

About us

Teamwork is what the hunter is about… Sometimes it takes more than one person to land a fish.

Hunter fishing team.

Our Services

We have the most Experienced Crew available hands down!
every single member of the crew has been working and fishing on a boat since there were kids. So Trust us when we say we know what we are doing and we are here to help you catch fish.


A day on the ocean will cleanse your soul…

Also catching fish, joking around, and having fun too helps!